A Deep Dive Into Shadow Work And Subconscious Programming


Rebecca Moore speaks with artist, soul guide and founder of The Inner Landscape Silje Lovise Gjertsen.

Originally from Norway, Silje Lovise has always been a woman of the land. Her deep resonance with the landscape and natural treasures of the earth lay the foundation for both her photographic artwork and the powerful healing modalities she shares with her clients.

Following a series of synchronistic events, Silje Lovise created The Inner Landscape, an explorative space to journey deep into the corners of the subconscious mind, meet hidden shadows and alchemise limiting beliefs.

Having experienced the transformative nature of the work first-hand, I caught up with Silje Lovise to learn more about her journey and discuss what makes her method of subconscious re-programming using PSYCH-K® and Human Design such a powerful form of healing therapy.

Where did your journey as a soul guide begin?

I feel like it’s always been with me unconsciously, but wasn’t something I actively thoughtabout until I discovered that I was a Highly Sensitive Person and a Projector in Human Design.

That came with the realisation that I was living out of alignment with my true rhythm. I paused everything and after 8 years in London, I moved back to Norway where I’m from.

What followed was a very empty time, an opportunity to reset my whole system. Although I have always been very connected to my soul’s path as an artist, there was a big part of my purpose that I couldn’t fully see or connect with because my nervous system was always in overdrive.

During this pause, I become very quiet and started to listen to my inner voice. I was at a crossroads of knowing what wasn’t working for me and needing to figure out something else but not knowing what that was going to be.Then my soul started very clearly saying, “You have to work with people”. I didn’t know what that meant at all but I trusted it. It started as a whisper and then it got louder and louder.

What inspired you to create The Inner Landscape?

It started with that soul calling to work with people in a direct, human-to-human way, around the themes I had been exploring within my art practice for many years.

At the time I didn’t know what shape it was going to take. It’s what I had always been exploring since a very young child, the inner landscape and all the different layers within it. Not just the trauma and experiences that we carry, but also our imagination, our creativity, our memories and our dreams.

I was inspired to create a space that supports people in exploring their inner landscape. To explore the darkness as well as the light. To explore all aspects of the human experience, moving beyond it just being about positive thinking and creating a space where all aspects of your experience are valid and welcome.

I wanted to guide people to return home to their truest Self and soul purpose and with that comes meeting our shadows. With that comes releasing all the baggage that we accumulate over a lifetime that is really heavy and allowing space to let go of that once and for all. I am very passionate about giving people a safe space to release their trauma.

Extracting the wisdom and the medicine from these experiences, alchemising the darkness and excavating the treasure. You have to do that in order to fully and freely step into your potential and what you are here to do.  Another thing I am really inspired to do through The Inner Landscape is to help people return to their unique natural rhythms and help them understand how their energy works best and how they can truly thrive in their life. And lastly, a big important passion for me is also to share the magic of the land and the unseen world with others through ritual,ceremony and circles.

Can you explain what PSYCH-K® is and how it’s used as a healing modality?

PSYCH-K® is a gentle but incredibly powerful process that allows us to create lasting neurobiological change by accessing the subconscious layers of the brain.Through different whole-brain postures and techniques, we activate both hemispheres of the brain where it is left in a receptive state that dramatically reduces its resistance to change.

Whilst in this susceptible state we rewire the neural pathways in the brain around a specific desired topic;removing stress from the system and integrating self-enhancing beliefs to replace self-limiting beliefs that actually support you instead of holding you back.

With PSYCH-K® we can work with any topic and life situation, it is a wonderful and non-invasive process to transform trauma of any kind, PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders and addiction as well as supporting you in reaching specific goals and aligning to a life where you can truly flourish. It sounds like a complicated process but it is truly simple and we are able to create the desired change very rapidly, sometimes in a matter of minutes!

How did you come to discover the power of subconscious programming?

I actually think I was exploring it from a very young age without knowing. I was always very curious about the darkness, the shadows, and the full spectrum of things I was experiencing. I discovered To Be Magnetic, Lacy Phillips’s work around manifestation and the specific focus on the subconscious side of it many years ago. This was very refreshing and very in alignment with what I was already feeling and doing naturally. Then PSYCH-K® came into my life and there was a very instinctive knowing that it was the work I was meant to be doing.

PSYCH-K® revolved around similar themes to what I experienced with To Be Magnetic,assessing the deeper layers of the subconscious and creating the change from there. It was the accelerated reprogramming that really blew me away with PSYCH-K®. Other modalities were slower in their process to programme a new belief or rewiring a neural pathway. With PSYCH-K® it could be done in a few minutes and that was really powerful for me because it showed me that healing doesn’t have to be difficult or take a long time.

As someone who has experienced a lot of trauma in my life, it was the biggest gift to be able to release heavy baggage along with the belief that healing takes a lifetime. Of course, it’s still a process and every time you peel off a layer you reveal another, but it doesn’t have to take a lifetime.

A lot of healing practices and shadow work revolves around uncovering our shadow and becoming aware of unhealthy patterns in our lives. Awareness is incredibly important but it’s only the first step. Acceptance, forgiveness and resolution in our conscious mind and reality are beautiful but not enough, the subconscious work has to follow. 95% of our consciousness is subconscious, which means that the subconscious is controlling 95% of how we show up in our lives, how we think and respond.

So it’s incredibly important to understand what is actually in your subconscious,as chances are that many of your beliefs around important things in your life are actually not in alignment with what you think you (or want to) believe. Most of our subconscious beliefs are a result of early childhood conditioning and impactful life events and experiences, and because the subconscious cannot differentiate between what is true/false, good/bad or past/present this becomes problematic if that conditioning is misaligned with your soul’s truth and if those experiences were painful and traumatising. Unfortunately, if that is the case, those unaligned beliefs and experiences are running the show and your neurobiological landscape. You can’t really be fully awake unless you’re exploring your subconscious beliefs.

 How can people begin to uncover their subconscious beliefs?

The first step is to open up your awareness, becoming an observer, a neutral objective observer of yourself, yourlife and your experiences. No judgement or opinions, just observing how you’re responding to things. What are your thoughts? How does your nervous system react in different situations? What signals is your body sending you?

How we move through our lives, our bodily reactions, and what can we hear ourselves saying when we’re not thinking is to a large degree our subconscious programming. So starting to witness that is the first step. Then review what is important for you in your life and what you really feel is in alignment for you in terms of your values, in terms of the path your life is taking, and your goals for the future. Then very objectively look at what you want to be a reality and how in alignment or out of alignment that is with your current reality. It’s also helpful to observe recurring themes and patterns that keep showing up again and again.

What is the superconscious mind?

The superconscious as we call it in PSYCH-K® is basically the same as the higher self, our soul’s divine consciousness. The superconscious exists outside of time and is the aspect of us that has access to all the layers of our existence and soul’s journey. It always knows the highest and most aligned path for us,even when we cannot see it ourselves in the now, as sometimes we desire change that might not be in our best interest! It’s here to guide us and help us to be in alignment with our true path.

In PSYCH-K® we always work with the superconscious to ensure that what we are working on is in alignment with your best and highest good, that it is safe and appropriate. And we invite all aspects of our consciousness into a PSYCH-K® session; imagine you are sitting around a table with your superconscious, conscious and subconscious mind to have a good chat and work through the topic you’re concentrating on. So through communicating with all aspects of your consciousness you get extraordinary clarity from all angles and from there we are able to identify any misalignments and the best way forward.

What’s the biggest shift or transformation you have witnessed as a result of this work?

The most beautiful thing is witnessing my clients release the trauma that they’ve been carrying. Seeing clients transform and finally move on from severe PTSD, eating disorders, heavy trauma from sexual abuse, things that are hard to move on from and get free from unless you have the right tools. I’ve witnessed many big shifts but for me, trauma healing is the most powerful because it can really control someone’s life.

Also witnessing clients finally break patterns that have been preventing them from fully living their purpose and start to thrive in their life and share their magic with the world is the most rewarding thing to watch unfold. To mention a really specific personal example which has had a major impact on my life; I used PSYCH-K® to transform my phobia around veins and certain parts/functions of the body which I had struggled with my whole life. It was a very impractical phobia to have that was present with me everyday. I had extreme physical reactions whenever it was triggered, and it could be triggered by anything and everything. For example, someone having a tight hair band around their hand would cause me to lose feeling in my hands. I wouldn’t even be able to speak about it without becoming numb.

PSYCH-K® completely transformed this phobia, literally within 15 minutes. It was crazy and I was completely flabbergasted because I never thought this would be possible.

Are there any interesting behaviour patterns or limiting beliefs you have discovered in yourself that you can share?

There are many but I think one of the most important ones that I’ll share is when I discovered the huge amount of limiting beliefs I had around my ability and capacity to show up in my life. I wondered what was in my subconscious around this and I was shocked when I started to explore. What I learned was my subconscious mind didn’t believe that I had the energetic capacity to run my business, hold client sessions or run events. My subconscious belief was that it wasn’t safe to be paid for my work, because then it would mean that I would have to show up with my energy, which would mean I would get sick.

So while I consciously knew that this is my path and what I am here to do, my subconscious belief was that this work is really unsafe and so I was unconsciously blocking it. It wasn’t that I had no work at all but it was all very slow. Subconsciously I was pushing away the things that were coming toward me. Once I cleared those limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K® it was such a rapid transformation and actually, my offering The Journey came to me the same day. It just fell into my lap because there was finally space for it to show up now that my subconscious believed I had the capacity to hold it.

How does Human Design weave into your work?

Human Design is really important within the work that I do with my clients because when they gain awareness about their unique design they start stepping into alignment with their true rhythm and how they best make decisions in their life. Then everything else starts falling into place and there is so much more space for flow.

Alongside PSYCH-K® a big part of what I do with my clients is guiding them to really understand their Human Design; understanding how their energy works, what their innate strengths and potential challenges are, key themes connected to their soul work and purpose, and how they are meant to function within their physical body and environment in this life.

How have you applied the knowledge of your own Human Design to your life?

The only way I could do any of this is through being in alignment with my rhythm, understanding how I function without judgement and allowing that. It is good for me to honour my natural tempo and slowness and to allow all the rest that I need.

As a Projector and a Highly Sensitive Person, my energy isn’t consistent and varies depending on the sensory input and environment I am in, so I design my day in the way that best serves me without having too many things on my agenda. I include intentional naps throughout the day which actually increase my capacity, creativity and productivity, the opposite of what modern society tells us.

Allowing myself to follow my true rhythm and design, as well as understanding in what ways I absorb outside energy and where I might impact others with mine has allowed for more flow, ease and understanding in my life and business. I listen to my body and I follow my splenic authority, my instinct and intuition, above all else,this is what guides my path. As soon as I notice myself overthinking, feeling bitter, overwhelmed, pushing or trying to control I know that I’m out of alignment with my design. So then I turn my focus towards realigning again,without shame or judgment. It takes a long time to really decondition, and itis important to remain objective and practice radical self-kindness in the process.

The first step is gaining awareness about your design and the next is to embody the awareness and live in accordance with your design. Human Design came to me at the very beginning of 2017 so it’s been many years now. Some aspects of my design I started to embody very quickly because it was a huge activation but the last couple of years are when I’ve truly started to embody and understand the deeper layers. I use PSYCH-K® to transform any subconscious beliefs around how I should be living so I can honour my true design and release societal conditioning. They say it takes 7 years to fully embody your Human Design once discovered and I believe with PSYCH-K®we can accelerate that process.

Tell us about your offering The Journey.

The Journey is a 1:1 container that offers a deep dive into all aspects of your inner landscape and your external reality, across 3-6 months, meeting 2 hours a week over Zoom.

The intention of The Journey is to guide people home to themselves; their true rhythm, magic and souls path, but to get there we have to travel down into the depths of the subconscious mind as I’ve talked about. In the first 3 months, we start at the beginning, meeting any experiences, trauma or baggage that is weighing you down or holding you back. We meet that in a very safe, gentle and transformative space where it can finally be released.

We also do some bigger, general PSYCH-K® Balances that are hugely important to our core beliefs in life as well as transforming trauma from being born and fear of death. We do in-depth Human Design and Gene Keys readings to start the process of gaining awareness and embodying your unique design and path. Once we’ve worked our way through past experiences we move into exploring self-worth, transforming your relationship with yourself, and how you show up within your life.

We explore your relationship with money, work and success, as well as ancestral and parental programming that you’ve been carrying. We also transform and bring harmony and balance into key important relationships in your life through the PSYCH-K® Relationship Balance. Then, for someone who does a 6-month Journey, we go on to focus on your soul’s purpose and activate your magic. We uncover why are you here, what is really important for you and work through any blocks in your path to stepping into your truest self. It’s not about becoming a greater version of yourself but about coming home to the greatness that’s already within you.

We work in-depth to align your goals and your vision with your unique rhythm, curating your life in a way that works for you, so you can truly thrive and shine your unique light. It’s a really transformative journey.

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