Ceremonies & rituals
Connection & empowerment
Energy healing
Live Session
Shamanic / Medicine

New Beginnings Sound Journey

This unique journey blends instruments and nature to create a unique, immersive soundscape.

Spring Equinox – A Renewal: Talk and Workshop with Angie Litvinoff

To honour the Spring Equinox, Angie has created a talk, workshop and meditation ritual.

Balancing Breathwork Journey with OTO

A breathwork session to empower and connect to yourself.

Deep Long Form Sound Journey with OTO

This session will use colour sound and mantra to give you the ultimate treat…

Amplifying Yoga Flow with OTO

This practice will uplift and lighten you, whilst turning your energy up…

Power up Ritual for Creativity with OTO

This ritual is one to turn your power up to 11!

A Guided Meditation For Intentionality with OTO

Clarify a busy mind with this guided meditation for focus.

R&R Sound Journey with OTO

A guided meditation using voice and the magical sounds of the crystal bowls…

Focus Sound Meditation with Monica Ruiz & OTO

A guided meditation and crystal bowl session to call in focus for the week.

Manifest your New Year – Chakra Meditation series (Part Two)

Part two of a special two-part manifestation chakra meditation to help you visualise your new year intentions and turn them into a reality.

Manifest your New Year – Chakra Meditation series (Part One)

Part one of a special two-part manifestation chakra meditation to help you visualise your new year intentions and turn them into a reality.

Guided Soothing Meditation from The Original FX Mayr

We are proud to introduce this special meditation led by Daniel set to the backdrop of Lake Wörthesee in Austria.

Sound Healing at SANGHA Retreat by Octave Institute

Ease the uncertainty of today’s world with this sound healing session focusing on mindfulness and harmony.

Crystal Singing Sound Bowl Meditation

Join Harriet as she invites you to bring what no longer serves you, to release it with this transformative sound healing.

Sensory Sound & Gong Bath

Tantalise the senses as you are immersed in a textured soundscape designed to inspire deep healing and restoration.

Shamanic Journeying

Join Shamanic Practitioner Eddy Elsey for a very special Shamanic dreaming ceremony.

Shamanic Healing to realign with your life purpose

This shamanic healing session will give you the opportunity to release blockages that are interfering with you achieving your potential.

Cacao and Connection with Kasia Gwilliam, Stay Wild

Join Kasia from wherever you are for a sacred ceremony of connection.

The Power of Practice Retreat

If you sense an opportunity to find new depths in your experience of life right now, this inspiring 2 hour retreat is for you.
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