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For this entry, we welcome Andréa Ararê, a Brazilian Shamanic Practitioner, to tell us more of herself and her journey. She was initiated into Shamanism over 20 years ago and creates a safe space for healing, awareness and empowerment through connection to the body and higher levels of consciousness.

Andréa is also a Shamanic Midwife offering intuitive reading and healing of chakras, ancestral healing, and storytelling medicine in a safe space where women can heal through traditional shamanic rituals, sounds and many other tools she learned over the years.

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Andréa Ararê, and I was born and raised in Brazil. I am a shamanic practitioner and a healer. I’ve been a ceremony space holder for almost 10 years offering ceremonies in NY, London, and Budapest.

I offer private healing sessions, Women’s Circles, Moon Ceremonies, and I teach women to reconnect with their feminine wisdom to help them rediscover their power to heal themselves.

Andréa Ararê

What lead you to where you are today?

I was drawn to spiritual paths and religions since I was relatively young, a calling to heal myself from my childhood traumas and find true meaning in life. I wanted to discover what faith was in my teens, and then I realized that what I needed was a spiritual path instead.

What have been some of the most memorable ceremonies or experiences for you?

Being with elders in their environment is irreplaceable. Receiving the medicine of the native people in the jungle has impacted me physically, beyond to the energetic and emotional levels. Also holding space for 30 women in a room has an unparalleled feeling – I’ve never been able to put into words.

Native people in the jungle

Why do you think shamanic practices support healing?

The practices I offer are nurturing and, through drumming, promote a mildly altered state of consciousness that allows participants to hear their own inner voice. Modern life, with all its comforts, has taken from us the quietude needed for us to connect with rituals, ceremonies, and sacred space – so I create opportunities for women to connect with them.

After many years of inner work, practices, and studies, I now trust that there is nothing more sacred and divine outside of you. Your body is your temple, and you hold the potential to know and embody it. Once you are clear what has been stopping you, you are free to be your happy and healthy self.

Is there a difference between shamanic practices from across the world?

Yes, but there are also many similarities. Shamanic practices everywhere are rooted in the Earth, honouring the wisdom the elements and other non-human forms carry. I follow the North American tradition of Shamanism, and also an intensely feminine form of shamanic practice.

Shamanic Practitioner

What would you say are the three vital shamanic tools that an everyday person can incorporate into their daily life?

Honouring the spirits of your ancestors, honouring Mother Earth, and learning from the elements.

How do you stay grounded?

I bring unique herbal blends from Brazil here to London, and I connect a lot with nature.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am growing a community of women who regularly practice to connect and harness the energy of the moon, and through membership connecting with like-minded women. We already have 40+ women, and I’m adding a new exciting benefit this month, find more here.

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