Faces & Places: Monica Ruiz


Founder of Ingenium in Movement, Monica guides completely unique experiences that blend indyoga, somatic inspired movement and sound therapy, with both coaching and energy healing to create profound transformative experiences for those who join her sessions.

She also collaborated with us to create a sound meditation that inspires focus for OTO.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Monica, and I’m a multi-faceted being. At the moment, my work is focused on allowing individuals to connect with what I call their “inner-knowing”: the capacity to be resilient, resourceful in a conscious and balanced way, paving your way forwards with confidence and excitement.

I like to think that I provide a personalised journey adapted to wherever the individual is at in their process: coaching, mentoring, energy healing, conscious movement, breathwork, sound therapy.

A friend of mine likes to say I have the gift of being able to harness both the magical and the practical.

Monica Ruiz

What led you to where you are today?

My background is in corporate (business consulting), where I spent almost 20 years of my working experience.

In the early years, I tried to find my way around a world that I didn’t understand or felt I fitted into. I’ve always been inquisitive and explorative and, having to pick one lane and sticking to it for the rest of my days didn’t sound very appealing.

After having had my businesses, travelled and lived around the world and held executive positions in big multinationals, the time came to truly embody what I felt was right, ditching my whole corporate persona. The moment I gave myself permission to explore and listen within, the answers started coming to me. I started my mindfulness journey pretty much in my early 20’s and have accompanied me ever since.

As I discovered healing practices on the way. They slowly started becoming part of me and eventually, part of my offering and what I do – what I have been doing for the last few years.


What have been some of the most memorable ceremonies or experiences for you?

The two that come to mind are my first women’s circle and my plant medicine initiation.

They happened in very different stages in my life, but both changed me in transformational ways. The first allowed me to embrace and befriend my feminine side and started healing my relationship with womxn. The second tested my ability to trust myself and my own healing powers in extreme and radical circumstances. They both were clear catalysts for the work I can do now.

Why do you think meditation and sound are such healing modalities?

Sound is the primal source of communication between species, and it has been for millennia. That’s why we can resonate and feel so connected to it. The moment we allow our awareness and senses to shift gears into a more introspective and present state, we can step into a healing and creative journey where we can tap into the unlimited potential we all have.

Singing Bowls

What would you say are the three key healing tools that an everyday person can incorporate into their daily life to help them feel the best they can be?

Gratitude, clarity and joy.

Make sure you have a dose of all daily; they will make you feel alive, content and with a sense of direction.

How do you stay grounded?

I love walking, and I meditate; when I do so, I ground myself to earth and allow my consciousness to expand and do problem-solving in a very unforced way. The moment you allow yourself space and time to decompress, your inner-knowing will come with extraordinary insights!


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m expanding my understanding of trauma and how it affects different bodies and really looking forward to being able to meet people, travel, and create magical memories with my loved ones.

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