Faces & places: Sarah-Jane Jay


Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Sarah-Jane Jay, Crystal Healing Therapist and Psychic Medium. My wellness practise is the West London Witchery, where I make crystal elixirs, offer spiritual guidance and work with clients to heal and rebalance their energetic bodies for optimum wellbeing. I am the co-founder of Kyem, our first product being a crystally infused hand protection spray attuned to grounding and protecting the root chakra.


What led you to where you are today?

I was raised on all things spiritual as my maternal line is blessed with strong intuition going back generations. My Mother was a Medium and Tarot reader, so crystals, scrying and ascension tools were very much a part of my ‘normal’ growing up.

Having a strong foundation in the esoteric meant I was confident enough to trust in a source higher than myself and start working with my guides from my teens. Spirituality is as much about the difficult and dark times as it is the light, and I, like many of us, have faced my share of life’s challenges.

These more testing moments seem to be when my intuition and connection to source are the strongest. Knowing how energy works has shaped me for the better makes me fully appreciate the impact that authentic and responsible readings and healings can offer and I feel that is what has led me to where I am today.

Tarot Cards

What have been some of the most memorable ceremonies or experiences for you?

The beautiful thing about ceremony and ritual is that the genuine feeling of connectedness we are searching for can catch you unawares. It isn’t always the most obvious opportunity that presents that eureka moment.

The top three that stand out range from; a magical group ceremony involving mediumship and astrology in Morocco with Gary Wright (of the London College of Psychic Studies) which was incredible, physical and cathartic; some deep regression work with my mentor Valerie Pitts using crystals, sacred geometry and deep meditative journeying (very revealing!).

I have also felt the most connected and centred working with the Goddess through my friend Cyrus (who has opened my eyes to a whole new world of female empowerment, re-defining the divine feminine concept for me and further re-affirming my strong beliefs to a whole new level).

Ceremony and ritual are about what we bring to them more than anything – just like working with crystals, it is not enough to simply show up we need to bring our intention and build a relationship with self for them to be effective.

Do you think mediumship supports healing?

I absolutely believe so, for both the client and the healer. When it is taught well and responsibly, good mediumship encourages you to develop a deep sensitivity and knowing, which allows you to trust in that beyond the physical body and what we ‘see’.

To be a master healer, it is essential to know your craft. Still, even the deep knowledge of specific modalities alone cannot be truly effective without a sense of feeling and connection to our client – also listening to our guides and guardians to enable us to trust our intuition can take healings to a whole new level.

As far as psychic readings and mediumship itself goes, yes, I believe that an enormous amount of comfort can be gleaned from those who feel stuck or in grief which can be very healing. However, I caution against using mediumship excessively as a crutch in either respect and think that as practitioners it is important to empower our clients to develop and use their own intuition for their highest good in the long run.


What practises would you recommend for someone looking to develop their intuition?

I think it’s important to keep things simple – I love the magic and ritual of some of the ceremonies I carry out and take part in. Still, it’s equally essential for good energy management to make regular time to practice so that it becomes as much a part of our life as other routines we have for wellbeing. It should not feel like a chore to reconnect to our source – making an affirmation to keeping a calm mind and dedicating time to self to clear your head for a small portion of the day to meditate in a calm environment the best gift you can give yourself initially.

It’s like anything, the more you practice, the better you get, and that will be easier if it’s initially manageable and not complicated. It’s important to remove the mystery of this and think of it as taking time to call a friend or check through your messages – the more you connect to your self, the better you will get to know the essence of you which gets lost in the day to day. Crystals are a truly excellent way of doing this. Working with gemstones can really help us attune to different vibrations within ourselves depending on the journey we want for each meditation.

What would you say are the three key healing tools that an everyday person can incorporate into their daily life to help them feel the best they can be?

I work a lot with the effect of colour on the physical, so I am a real believer in my practice of candle work for deep meditation and manifestation. I have shocked myself with the instant results some of the candle ritual work has achieved for me. Secondly, crystals use through pendulums, grid work, mandalas, elixirs, sound healing, chakra work, scrying (the list is endless, hence why I am so passionate about them as they take my spiritual practice to a whole new level!).

I am also a big believer in space clearing through herbs, oils, incense and also cleansing areas through sound healing such as bells and bowls – keeping our space and the energy within it clean and working to a high vibration is an essential part of healing, in my opinion, our homes are our sanctuary more than ever right now.

Singing Bowls

How do you stay grounded?

I have always been fortunate that my family and all of the teachers I work with have always approached spirituality and energetic healing in a grounded and practical way. As much as I love the feeling of ‘flying’ through Shamanic journeying and some of the incredible visions I have been fortunate enough to experience,

I am very much about how we can incorporate them back into our physical realm for the highest good of ourselves, those around us and our planet. Ultimately, as tough as it gets sometimes, we do live here on Earth, so feeling grounded and protected by that connection is an essential part of our existence, spiritual or otherwise. If I feel as though I am getting too stuck in my head or thoughts, I use my crystals to ground by wearing them, drinking a gemstone elixir (using moss agate for example), do some exercise, dance or drum.

My Kyem spray is never far away as I find it re-centres me very quickly, especially useful if on the go. I try to have a dedicated salt bath every night, use my own essential oil mist, and have a grounding ritual that I do each morning and evening using a copper sphere (which always brings me back into my body after meditations). Lastly, I am a single mother to my 2 lovely children (who definitely keep my feet firmly on the ground!)

What are you working on at the moment?

I am re-working my website to accommodate the amount of remote healings and readings I have been doing since last year. I feel quite humbled by how effective the remote work has been, reading and healing on these various platforms has made the connections with the clients and my guides even stronger, so I’m embracing that.

I am writing a paper on the use of Crystals and Gemstones in elixirs for healing and daily living, and we are expanding the Kyem products to help rebalance other chakras and our energetic system.

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