Founders Favourites


As we enter the end of the year, we thought it only right to share some of the brands that have helped us through the last months. From scent magic, subscription boxes and planners, this is our pick of the brands we love and think you will too.

Best for those who need a little magic: Mama Moon

From scent magic candles, potions and spell books, Mama Moon is our favourite place to go when we want to awaken the witch within us (we are currently burning her Infinite Gratitude).

Started by Semra Haksever, eclectic witch and spell caster, each of the candles are hand-poured in a protective circle that is filled with positive energy, the oils in each are also infused with crystals that support the intention of these gorgeous burns.

Semra has also written several books that are filled to the brim with spells, moon rituals and explanations of herbs to support any manifestation work you want to cast. She is also available to create bespoke spells, which we think really is the perfect Christmas gift.

Discover Mama Moon here.

Best for those who want to attain their highest level of badassery: Lethally Her

Lethally Her 2021 Diary Planner

2020 has been a year that saw almost all of our plans throw out the window; dates were crossed out, events were cancelled and holidays forgotten. Which means that we have decided to pack even MORE into 2021 – enter Lethally Her, our new favourite planner.

The brand was founded in 2018 by Renee Sliba and Michelle Smith, a multidisciplinary artist and fashion entrepreneur as they wanted to create a community that wants to move away from the ‘hustle culture’ and instead focus on mental, physical and financial wellness over the year.

The pages are packed with planning tools, self-care exercises and motivational work from incredible young artists, 10% of each sale will also be donated to the founder’s charities of choices; from MIND to The Okra Project.

Plan your year here.

Best for those who want to balance their senses: St Palo

St Palo Wood Burner

Founded by Camila Sadler to support her emotional wellbeing after her mothers passing, St Palo creates gorgeous wearable scent diffusers.

Whilst going through her Argentinian mother’s possessions, Camila discovered an aromatherapy book and soon began her journey into using essential oils as a tool for her everyday life. Whether you need calm, focus, rest or a rebalance, each oil vial is blended by hand, then choose from Comfort or Grace from these little diffusers (depending on your style).

We first found St Palo via their Palo Santo Wood Burners and have just seen they are supporting the Black Minds Matter Charity with their burner sample sale. St Palo also sources their own Palo Santo sacred wood from an ethical project in the heart of Ecuador, where they only use naturally dead wood to create their unique burn sticks.

Discover balance here.

Best for those who love to soak: Made By Coopers

Eucalyptus Rosemary Bath Salt Blend

Launched in 2016, Made By Coopers is our favourite family-run brand for natural, organic products that nurture both skin and soul.

Created by Clare and Darren Cooper, this modern apothecary crafts products that have an emphasis on emotional wellbeing. They believe in making things that leave your skin radiant and nourished, whilst restoring your body and mind back to perfect harmony.

Although hard to choose, our very favourite line is their Bath Salts, we love Eucalyptus and Rosemary to not only soak the day away but also to invigorate our breath as we let the steam melt any tension away. Each of their products has an aromatherapy element to it: Calming, Balancing, Uplifting, Energising and Passion. Drawing from Ayurvedic philosophies, the couple learned to treat the body as a whole and the principle that to nourish the skin is to nourish the mind.

Find your soak here.

Best for those who love to rock(s): Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Founded by Jill Urwin, of the East London esoteric institution She’s Lost Control, Crystal Clear is a ‘Community Interest Company with the primary social objective to reinvest profits back into the community, specifically to support and empower Artisanal Small Scale Miners’.

Crystal Clear is the world’s first verifiable and transparent mine to market crystal brand, with a focus on improving the lives of the artisanal mining communities around the globe who supply our gems.

Jill has travelled to mines across the world, experiencing working practices and the impact of unbalance in the supply chain, as part of her SLC sourcing mission. Now she has taken a step to ensure future fairness for those who find our crystals.

Find Crystal Clear offerings here.

Best for those who love ceremonies: Ritual Cacao

Ritual Cacao Starter Pack

Rebeka Shaman is one of the original cacao ceremony leaders in the UK; she began her work with cacao here in 2012 after receiving a message whilst in a plant ceremony. Ritual Cacao was set up by her to give us access to this healing and versatile plant medicine.

Her site is not only filled with information but also gives the best range of ceremonial cacao we have found. All these offerings also reflect the real cost of fair trade, Rebeka and her team work to support both the Ashaninka Tribe and the Tsatsayaku Association to honour the right price of this ‘Food of the Gods’, which in turn enables them to protect their lands from outside threats.

Not only can you source ceremonial grade cacao (which is 100% cacao straight from the bean) from Ritual Cacao, but you can also do the 21-day challenge – which will see you replace coffee with cacao.

Rebeka has also launched a cacao monthly subscription offering, which we cannot wait to sign up to.

Find your perfect cacao here (and then try our cacao and connection journey!)

Best for those who need a little energetic alchemy: KYEM

Root Chakra Crystal Activated Hand Protection Spray

We have only just found out about KYEM, a crystal activated hand protection spray, over the last few weeks, and we have already made it our go-to protector.

The name KYEM comes from the Gaelic word for protection – Caim. This is a profoundly protective concept of an invisible protective circle drawn around the body with the hand, to remind you that you are safe and loved, even in the darkest of times. It is with this ethos that founder Sarah-Jane Jay of the West London Witchery and a team of aromatherapists and distillers have created the spiritual answer to this very modern problem.

The sacred charging process of creating each little bottle is a ceremony in itself; starting with a unique crystal elixir, which is blended with essential oils and plant extracts that enhance a trio of crystals, then taken up to 65% alcohol. This takes place on the full moon of each month, and Sarah-Jane uses incarnation and meditation to give this elixir of healing some extra va-va-voom, read the whole process here.

Discover your new favourite protector here.

Best for those who like some cosmic alignment: Cosmic Collage

2021 Astrology Forecast, Horoscopes & Inspiration

2021 is going to be our year, we can just feel it deep within our bones! But, we also realise that sometimes ensuring you have a little thumbs up from the universe can make all the difference, which is why this astrology forecast from Cosmic Collage is going to be right beside us when we do any planning.

We have been huge fans of Cosmic Collage and their graphic designer founder Lori Menna for a long time. Her creations offer windows into other dimensions, via prints, yoga mats, bags and wall art. For next year she has created the ultimate reference book, here is a taste of what is to come in this beautiful tome.

Stars and legends are made when stakes are high—and they will be higher than usual as we hit 2021 ground. New motivation surrounds us to bring entirely new dreams to life. The “new normal” that began to take form in 2020 left us short of expectations for the new decade. But the intensity of 2020 was essential to laying the groundwork to our greatest achievements. History is in the making.”

Get your year run down here.

Best for those who like a monthly gift to themselves: Merkababox

The Holistic Mystic Subscription Box

Merkabody creator Odette has one of the finest eyes we have ever known. She curates beautiful boxes filled with gifts to encourage you to not only dive deeper into yourself but also give you the tools to nourish mind, body and spirit.

Merkabox is a holistic lifestyle and modern mysticism subscription box, delivered straight to your door each month. Each is designed and curated to encourage a more conscious way of living, more spiritual practises and introduce you to products made by this lovely like-minded community.

Every month, 4 to 6 items are chosen for their holistic or mystical properties and to fit within a theme. Every item(which can range from candles, oils, books and incense) is vegan and cruelty-free.

Subscribe here.

Best for those who would like to find their space: OTO CBD


This world number one CBD brand was founded by a group of friends here in the UK with a mission to help people discover the power of this product.

Meaning ‘sound’ in Japanese, OTO represents the space between sound and silence to help you find your space in the world.

OTO has an ethos of understanding; of how it works, how much you need and how to enjoy it. All the products in their range are thoughtful and effective and designed to fit with your daily routine. From drinks, sleep support, skincare and oils, we not only love their packaging but adore their products and how they support us no matter what life throws at us.

Discover OTO here.

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