A Home To Gather (She/Her)

Spiritual Guidance

Olivia is a holistic guide and space holder, she does not see herself as a healer instead she sees her journey as being one of service and a channel for medicine to flow. She creates spaces for you to journey inwards, opening a channel to receive your insights and clarity. Her gatherings are there to act as a mirror to reflect your own light back.

For many years Olivia has held space through a variety of healing modalities, from Sensual Embodiment, Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation to Sound Healing, Reiki and Breathwork. These practices then led her to create her own healing spaces through Gatherings and Ceremonies including mama, bridal and birthday blessings. Where she welcomes all to come and connect to find their healer within. When holding space within Ceremony Olivia feels most at home, witnessing others share, show compassion and create true connections with one another.

She is guided by her own intuition and enchanted moments, of which she hopes to pass on to you so that you have all you may need to create your own sacred gatherings.

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