Amy (She/Her)

Female Empowerer, Sacred Space Holder, Goddess of Love + Sexuality

Amy is the Founder of Temple of the Feminine; a spiritual portal for empowering women!

Through embodied wisdom, she inspires women to connect to their Sacred Feminine essence by embracing their physical body, emotional body and their innate sensual, sexual power.

Amy is on a tantric spiritual path and has undertaken extensive work de-armouring herself of the suppressive conditioning of modern day society. In doing so she has discovered her true Divine Feminine nature. Through Sacred Temple Arts she has reclaimed her sovereignty and is on a mission to support you in rising.

Weaving practices that she has acquired on her journey and created through her own connection with the divine, Amy holds space for deep transformation through workshops, events, classes and individual sessions.


  • Events / Workshops / Private gatherings
  • One to one coaching
  • Energy activation and clearing
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