Andréa Ararê

Shamanic Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess and Ceremony Space Holder

Andréa Ararê is a Brazilian Shamanic Practitioner, working to transform women’s relationships with themselves, their bodies and creative powers – healing connection to the Divine Feminine, and to the sacred wisdom of cycles. She offers Women’s Circles, Moon Ceremonies, Rite of Passage Ceremonies, classes, and private sessions.

Andréa was initiated in Shamanism over 20 years ago and has been hosting Women’s Circles in NYC, Budapest, London, and other places for more than 6 years. She creates a safe space for healing, awareness and empowerment through connection to the body and higher levels of consciousness.

She is a Shamanic Midwife offering intuitive reading and healing of chakras, ancestral healing, and storytelling medicine in a safe space where women can heal through traditional shamanic rituals, sounds and many other tools she learned over the years.

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