Ania (She/Her)

Movement & Yoga

It was 2004 when Ania stepped to Bryan Kest Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, California. As a longtime athlete looking for a new challenge and escape from stressful entertainment job. Barely surviving the first yogic experience her competitive mine was motivating her to come back for more, and still brings to Bryan’s class.

In 2008 addicted to ‘torturous” power flow she signed in for her first 200 hours training with National Yoga Institute. This was a starting point in her pursuit to become a yoga teacher. The same year she graduated in Yoga for Kids from Mini Yogis Foundation and Thai Yoga Massage, followed by an additional 200 hours at Yoga Works. During that training, she was introduced to Ashtanga Krama Vinyasa Yoga that became her primary practice for more than a decade. A daily self-inquiry in Mysore room led her to many influential teachers like Jorgen Christiansen who not only taught her asanas but an ingrained commitment to self-practice.

In 2009 she accomplished her first Teacher Training in Ashtanga with David Swenson, who became a huge inspiration in her teachings. In 2012 Ania returned to Yogaworks to advance her teaching skills and gaining 500-ERYT certification.

Years of the practice later open to new modalities she stumbled upon Budokon. A zen-like movement that combines mixed martial arts, yoga, mobility and animal locomotion. She travelled to Miami to mentor with Cameron and Melayne Shayne, founders of the movement, and in October of 2017 received her first Certification. She continues to train and is currently working towards her green belt in Hapkido, white/blue in Jet Kune Do and immerses herself in many MMA forms of traditional martial arts.

It has been more than a decade since she began sharing her wisdom. She describes herself more a suggester than a yoga teacher allowing her students to find their own yoga. She is a senior teacher for the Athletic Department in the University of California in Los Angeles and works with private clients helping them develop new ways of how to become more functional mover.

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