Anja David (She/Her)

Intuitive Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner

Anja came to Reiki several years ago when her husband was seriously ill and she had 2 young children to care for. Reiki very quickly became an integral part of her life and she founded her company East Dulwich Reiki in 2012.

Anja loves to share her knowledge, experience and passion with others who are searching for balance & calm in this busy city. She creates a tranquil, secure space for her clients to unwind, relax and heal. Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) helps people to connect with their inner wisdom, to live their own truth, release old patterns, and feel happier and more contented within themselves.

Anja is well versed in balancing the demands of being a mother of three and having a career whilst living holistically and authentically. Offering one to one treatments, teachings & group courses. Anja practises the traditional method of Usui Reiki, blending meditation & crystal chakra balancing to deepen the healing experience.

Anja intuitively holds the space for others to find a deeper connection and receive universal energy healing.

“An hour with Anja is like bathing in the balm of a calm ocean. You can switch off and trust, completely surrendering to the benefits of her calm, nurturing healing sessions.”

She has a passion for healthy eating, yoga and traveling the world.  Anja is CNHC registered and is a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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