Artur Paulins (He/Him)

Cold therapy, breathwork and yoga

Artur Paulins is an adventurer; always seeking for ways to get more out of every aspect of life.

He is renowned for his approach to the exploration of mental and physical performance improvement; personally going through numerous challenges and experiments with different diets and exercise systems to better both himself and those he works with.

The certified Wim Hof Method instructor discovered that the combination of cold therapy and breathwork has brought the biggest breakthroughs in his mental clarity – resulting in improved focus, reduced anxiety and increased energy levels, as well as better health and wellbeing generally.

It is Artur’s passion to combine his knowledge of cold therapy and breathwork with his decade of martial arts training and competition experience; creating a simple, accessible way in which anyone can learn and apply techniques to feel happier, stronger and healthier in their every day lives.

Artur is also a yoga teacher and founder of the N.Ice Collective.

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