Belinda Matwali (She/Her)

Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Guide

She has trained extensively in meditation and consciousness awareness practices for the last 10 years. She has studied and experienced teachings from Tantra, Indian Saints, and Osho through her enlightened Masters in India; as well as European Mystery School teachings from her late mentor.

She has learnt a wide variety of meditation practices, and believes meditation is never a one size fits all and is a huge proponent for everyone finding the individual techniques that suit them.

To deepen her capacity to help others on their spiritual journey she is also a student of Human Design, Astrology and is undertaking a year long psychotherapeutic training with Gabor Mate called Compassionate Inquiry to help people move through the core of their self limiting beliefs and behaviours.

She also created Electronic Music Meditation classes which she shares through London and at festivals.

She has collaborated with Delicously Ella, Wanderlust, Defected Records and Beatport.

Belinda offers:

  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • Meditation courses to empower your inner teacher
  • Festival Wellness with Electronic Music Meditation
  • Corporate Meditation and Wellness Workshops
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