Beloved Sara Zaltash (She/They)

Astrologer & Spiritual Practitioner

Beloved Sara Zaltash is a British-Iranian astrologer and spiritual practitioner. They incorporate archetypal, evolutionary and western astrological techniques with fixed star analysis, herbal medical astrology, ancestral healing, ogham, Sabian Symbols, Gene Keys, guided meditation, grief tending (Francis Weller) and dreamwork (Toko-Pa Turner) to provide clients with the insight they need to live well.

A cross between seeing your lawyer and visiting your therapist, Beloved Sara is your astrological advocate in the face of life’s challenges, including navigating attachment dynamics, domestic abuse and violence, personality disorders, crisis wellbeing, long-term illness recovery, sexual and emotional incest, intergenerational trauma, social anxiety due to neurodiversity, sexism, classism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia and racism, and complex cases that are turned away by other practitioners and therapists.

Whatever your experience, Beloved Sara can let you know when you’re likely to fall in love, receive a windfall of resource, change career or move house. You can work on your purpose, your passion, and your past. You can look into your Saturn Return, your Jupiter Cycles, your Solar Return, your Uranus Opposition…

Whether you are looking to troubleshoot your life and business, or are seeking personalised, in-depth guidance to adapt to our wild world, Beloved Sara will tailor your sessions to fit your needs, providing entirely non-judgemental, mature and confidential client services.

“My divination with Sara was remarkable! She had so much information, insight, and wisdom at her fingertips. She’d clearly prepared thoroughly beforehand so that there was no messing around… the session was packed! I’m really glad to have a recording of it too so I can revisit it because it was so dense with meaning and insight. I found her approach to me and to the material highly professional and accomplished, which made me feel really safe and confident with what was going on. Highly recommend!!” – client testimonial

Sara Zaltash BA Drama (Bristol, 2008) MA Performance (Leeds, 2010) is a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute, Associate Fellow of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, was Extinction Rebellion’s resident astrologer, and currently writes the weekly Horoscopes for Healing posts for Advaya Initiative. Sara has Cancer Sun, Libra Moon and Cancer Ascendant.


– One-to-one readings

– Personalised trouble-shooting voice notes

– Writing

– Astrological consultancy for organisations, NGOs and businesses

– Workshops

– Space holding

– Public speaking

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