Bree Melanson (She/Her)

Psychic, Speaker and Teacher

Not your conventional psychic.

Bree Melanson is an international speaker and channel celebrated for making her mark on the all-things-esoteric and self-development world.

Thousands of ‘spiritually curious’ are attending Bree’s workshops to reprogram unconscious beliefs and reawaken their innate intuition. Bree’s mastery lies in her grounded approach to dissolving the divide between the material and metaphysical and unlocking the mysticism in manifestation and quantum healing.

Her innovative processes come from her direct experience getting people ‘unstuck’ as a medium for over a decade and channeled messages from higher consciousness that she’s translated into precise formulas and tools to empower people to live at their fullest expression.

With humor and relatability, Bree has an unparalleled gift of taking deep, intense work and making it social, aspirational and highly engaging.

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