Cherabella (She/Her)

Pioneering sound artist and master of high frequency

After achieving a 1st class business degree in 2007 Cherabella set out to explore the world.

After 6 years of adventure that took her from the Amazon, to the Pyramids, Indian temples and many places in-between she became fascinated with how sound seemed to be the central core of every tribe, the very fabric that weaved each community together.

When she returned to the UK in 2011 she noticed that we experience sound in a much more structured, yet distant way and decided to make it her mission to explore sound as a bridge between herself, soul,  community, & her country.

Under the guidance of the legendary musical master, Tim Wheater,  Cherabella progressed to learning sound therapy as a tool for healing & transformation, the pair have been playing, performing & teaching together now for over 6 years.

Cherabella has become established as a leading pioneer in this constantly evolving field of sound therapy. She founded Sister Sound Circle;  Skylight Lounge – a sacred space, celebrating & supporting women in our community as well as launching her own brand of exquisite, affordable crystal bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drums & native flutes.

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