Claira Fernandez (She/Her)

Spiritual Healer & Yoga Nidra

Claira is an energy healer who has practiced professionally in London for over 10 years. She first experienced the gift of healing as a child and has since explored various spiritual practices. She is passionate that healing can transform your life by bringing you back to an inner space of peace, calm and balance.

This space is always there it just needs to be re-discovered. Healing has supported her immeasurably through some very challenging times. Riding through these experiences has made Claira a compassionate healer who can hold a non judgemental, caring space, one firmly grounded in unconditional love. This authentic space allows for healing to start working deep inside our psyche, ultimately guiding a return to our true self.

Offerings: Spiritual and Reiki healing sessions, Healing circles, Yoga Nidra sessions and I Ching divination.

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