Claire Dabreo (She/Her)


She believes that optimal health and happiness is achieved when mind, body and spirit are fully aligned and this is the work that excites her. Especially useful when supporting any of life’s transitions, this style of acupuncture is transformational when working with the psycho-spiritual aspects of the self that manifest their dis-ease in physical or emotional ways.

She originally trained in Classical Five Element Acupuncture with Master Acupuncturist Gerad Kite over a decade ago and has spent the last two years in a Master Healer programme with Tiffany Carole, taking her practice into a deeper and more profound space. In 2020 Claire co-founded The Harmony Principle, a virtual programme created to guide people in working with the energy of the seasons, harnessing the power and wisdom of nature’s Creative Cycle.

A member of the British Acupuncture Council and the Acupuncture Childbirth Team London, she works with all aspects of health and wellbeing and has specialist expertise in infertility, pregnancy, baby loss, and birth (she is a trained doula).  She is also the creator of the Mother Roasting Kit®️, a traditional Chinese Medicine postpartum treatment.

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