Conscious Cook (He/Him)


I am Chris Bookless AKA Conscious Cook. I am a real foodie at heart with a passion for cooking authentic, healthy and healing food. Diet and nutrition are of great importance to me, as is sharing my story of how healthy, conscious living changed my life and how it can change yours too. Nutritious food does not need to be boring – it should be fun, exciting and packed full of flavour, leaving you feeling nourished in mind, body and soul.

Living in Turkey as a child exposed me to a rich and exciting food culture. Travelling the country, meeting and sharing food with locals in their open-hearted, casual approach has been a major influence on the ethos of my food and cooking style. I cherish food as a positive and ceremonial element of life that can put smiles on faces and bring people together.

I have always been a passionate home cook which led me into naturally being a self-taught chef. Along the way to expand my horizons, I have had experience working with amazing food entrepreneur Jimmys POP-UP, vegan organic cafe Mother in Hackney wick and London Fields Brewery.

I have also worked within the creative industry for the past 15 years as a DJ, music producer, label and events manager, freelance graphic designer and creative director, as well as owning a fashion label LESS Clothing.

Eating well has always been a central aspect to life with my family being foodies but when I suffered serious gut problems 4 years ago, I was pushed to entirely re-evaluate my diet and lifestyle. During this period I learned a lot about nutrition and how you can make the tastiest food with very few ingredients and little budget. I now live a dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free diet which has made me highly inventive, concentrating on whole foods and an endless array of herbs and spices.

6 years ago my lifestyle change led me into a spiritual journey, exploring energy healing, sound and other modalities of holistic healing, which enhanced my view on food and nutrition, realising that our view on food needs to be shifted towards a more conscious one. Where we buy our food, where it comes from, understanding food is energy and vibration made by the elements. Food is a life force for our bodies so we should think about our food and eating choices, and we should always give gratitude. My mission is to use food as my healing modality, combining energy practices and wellbeing to create a more educated future for ourselves and our planet.

I have a true passion for cooking vegan food with veggies always taking centre stage on my menus. It is my mission to provide a tasty conscious food experience that is free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar, using superfoods, spices, seasonal whole foods and organic produce – leaving diners feeling nurtured and educated in every sense.

My unfolding venture as Conscious Cook allows me to give people an exciting take on healthy food and wellbeing – whether I’m providing Conscious Catering, supper clubs or teaching my Conscious Cookshops. Food has and always will be a complete way of life for me, so I’m excited to share my trademark, flavoursome and healing food with you all!

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