Consciously Connected Travel

Travel & Wellbeing Curation

What better way than to leave a little part of yourself behind, every time you travel, simply by travelling.Consciously Connected focuses on Impact Travel & Wellness with purpose. We seek to learn about diverse cultures, ancient practices, philosophies and the art of true well-being. We craft, create & cultivate the most culturally rich & locally immersive sustainable experiences.

Every time you embark on a journey with us – either through our Travel Design service, Culturally Connected experiences, Retreats or wellness activations, we donate a % to a local project, charity or community & plant a tree to help combat your carbon footprint.Born from personal experience and driven by a need to create a space for women to empower themselves and each other. We love you men, but this is just a little something for us. As women we wear many hats, juggle the world and do it all with as much grace as possible. While often battling inner turmoil, self-doubt, trauma, and a wealth of other roadblocks. But neither ourselves nor society allow us to be vulnerable and when we are it’s perceived as weakness.

We are conditioned to feel that we must always be strong and resilient. I’m sure many of us have tried some form of retreat in our lifetime. In the moment we feel motivated, even transformed. The cocoon that has been created for us empowers our health and wellbeing and supports in nurturing our inner selves. But what happens when you leave? Often you return home with the best intention, even try to replicate what you have experienced, but somehow,  it becomes difficult to sustain because life isn’t utopia. You find your health and wellbeing returning back to the point that drove you to the retreat in the first place.We are approaching our retreats from an altogether different prospective.

Utilising travel as the tools for local and self discovery and as the catalyst to cultivate inner and outer emotional and physical change. Each retreat collaborates with a leading health and wellness expert from around the world, providing a specific focus and purpose, in addition to a curated team of some of the best holistic practitioners and an immersive, transformational and exploratory program that connects you to people and place. Allowing you to discover a destination, while rediscovering yourself. Replenish your mind, body and soul, through the ideology that everything lies within us.

We are simply acting as your catalyst to unlocking it and creating a space that allows you to be you.We are a community of Conscious travellers, promoting positivity & rediscovery of self, curious to expand on your perception of the world beyond your doorstep. We value the importance in authentic, connected travel, thus we share global traditions to help break down social barriers.Travelling with us is about discovering the world through a new lens & rediscovering yourself in the process.

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