Deborah Rose/ Ayurveda Mamma (She/Her)

Ayurveda Women's Health Guide & Birth Doula

Doula /noun/ a Woman who guides other Women through Hormonal Transitions

Ayurveda /quantum healing/ a holistic Mind-Body System rooted in the Vedic Tradition that excels in 1) connecting to the divine self and its divine state of wellbeing; and in doing so 2) prevention from disease

I am a mother of 1 busy bundle of joy and an Ayurvedic Women’s Health Guide, (postpartum) Doula and – as I like to call it – your self care P.A. In my practice I help Mama’s – to be – navigate through the wilderness called motherhood with hormonal bliss. I am passionate about exploring your (ever evolving) Mind-Body Type so we can create your unique daily rituals together. These can be as tiny as taking a tailor made tincture and as big as creating sattvic kitchen routines or a practice of moving meditation, mantra and mindful habits. I tailor everything to meet you where you are, and love on demand follow-ups so we can adapt things as you grow.

Besides IRL Womb Ceremonies (Ayurvedic Body Work), I offer cyclic plans for Womb Healing, Conscious Conceiving, Holistic Pregnancy Guidance, Birth Preparation, 4th Trimester Preparation and IRL postpartum healing, as well as Birth Dosha Assessments.

**I thank my teachers Dr Vasant Lad, Dr. KP Khalsa, Dr. Marc Halpen, Terra Rafaël and the women of the Sacred Window Collective who educated me in the Light of the Maharishi Tradition as taught by Ysha Oaks. I continue to deepen my insights in continued education with NAMA.

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