Dr Monique Charles (She/Her)

Cardologer & Sound Therapist

Monique Charles is a Sound Therapist (tuning forks) and Cardologer.

She uses both approaches to read energy and vibration for wellness separately or combined. Monique can use tuning forks both on and off body to bring about deep release, relaxation, and wellness.

Using playing cards and the Cardology system (Cartomancy), which predates tarot, Monique can intuitively identify the energies surrounding you at any given point in time and can assist in understanding the past and the present or preparing for the future. Monique’s holistic practices support clients on multiple levels, i.e., emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, and physical.

Empathic in nature, Monique has always been intuitive, with a sensitivity to sound and the energy of others. She sought to ‘intellectualise’ her experiences through academic research into the spirituality of music and sound. Monique is a Cultural Sociologist with a focus on music, sound and spirituality.

Through academic pursuits, she developed a research method to analyse music for the social science and cultural studies fields (Musicological Discourse Analysis – MDA) (used internationally) and a theory on Black music and spirituality in live performance/clubbing spaces (AmunRave Theory).

She is also an Ordained Minister (Reverend) and can lead spiritual (i.e. non-religious) (sound) ceremonies and blessings.

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