Federica Ferro (She/Her)

Breathwork Coach and Intuitive Healer

Italian born Federica Ferro is an International Breathwork Coach, Intuitive Healer, Guide and Artist.

Over a decade ago, she engaged in her path towards self- discovery and personal development and left behind her career in the fashion industry to help people transforming their lives from the inside out.

Federica aims to create an holistic experience for all of her clients, engaging with mind, body and soul and creating a long-lasting balance among one’s dimensions.

In her practice, she combines Rebirthing and other types of breathwork with life coaching, creative psychology, spiritual purification and use of affirmations, facilitating a transformational experience that will help people achieving their goals, finding clarity, connecting with the spiritual laws and living a life they love.

Reiki, crystal healing, aromatherapy, visualisations and oracles are her favourite signature touches to create a safe and loving environment for people to explore, surrender and heal.

Mother of two, Federica specialises in conscious conception, pregnancy and birth, life purpose, stress management and relationships, however she loves to work with anyone who wants to progress in their personal life and be fulfilled at all levels.

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