Fiongal Greenlaw (He/Him)

Tarot Reader, Psychic and Healer

Hello, I’m Fiongal. I have worked as a fashion designer for over eight years, heading up design houses in London and overseas. My health, both mental and physical, hit a crisis point because of the pressure I was putting on myself. This stress reached its lowest ebb when I was hospitalized for five days. My symptoms couldn’t be diagnosed by doctors, nor treated by conventional medicine.

Desperate for an alternative result, I began a journey to find a solution to my condition. Starting with acupuncture through Reiki and yoga led me to further spiritual and psychic exploration.

My relief from these practices was so great, and my transformation so complete, that I was driven to share these treatments with others. That is why I set up The Wellness Foundry, London in 2018. Offering Tarot, Psychic-Medium Readings, Past-Life Regression, Yoga and Reiki. Since then I feel as though I have aligned with my life’s purpose: to help others on their journey, who seek an enlightened path to discovery and healing.

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