Francesca Oddie (She/Her)


The obsessional observation of astrology, people and patterns have been part of Francesca’s life since she was 7 years of old.

Her fascination with life, love and people’s behavior meant she went on to study Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy and Theology at University; exploring the overlap between science and belief.  From there she moved to Rome where she worked as a Tour Guide at The Vatican and around the city learning more about Ancient Roman Culture and the belief systems that have woven themselves from antiquity, throughout Renaissance Italy and to the more enlightened times we live in…!

Astrology was a once well-respected science and today it is ‘having a moment’.  As people look to know themselves better and seek answers from outside of themselves, an astrology reading acts as a reminder that you already have all the answers inside of yourself.

Francesca has been trained as a ‘psychological astrologer.’ The magic lies in knowing yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, talents, desires, motivations and romantic inclinations.  She can look at your chart and quickly ascertain something about your character.  By looking at current astrological movements, the astrologer can get an idea of what has happened, is happening or will happen in your life.

This may manifest as something visible in your world, or as a change in the way you feel about your life. The consultation is a dialogue where the client provides the colours and together you paint a clearer picture of your life.

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