Francesca Raffa (She/ Her)

Feminine Freedom Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Channeller & Embodiment Guide

Francesca Raffa (Feminine Freedom Healer) is an accredited Reiki Master in two lineages Usui & Sekhem, Shamanic Practitioner, Feminine Embodiment Coach and trauma-informed Sensual Embodiment Facilitator.

With a studious background in counselling & psychotherapy Francesca offers 1:1 transformative energy healing sessions for both men and women through combining Reiki, Shamanic Healing & intuitive channelling. The main body of her work is focused around women empowerment; awakening and reconnecting to the Sacred Feminine through holding safe spaces where women gather together to remember, to return home to self in wholeness and in balance.

Her purpose in this timeline is to guide women home to self; embracing both their dark and their light, breaking free from limitations and deep-rooted conditionings, reconnecting their underdeveloped feminine essence led by heart and body, awakening them to their passions and innate wisdom in reclaiming their power & sensual nature.

Francesca brings a multi-dimensional approach to your transformational evolvement to live in your free authentic expression of who you are and who you came here to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose. The world needs you exactly as you are and not as you ‘should be.’

Your underdeveloped feminine is what keeps you victimised, insecure and inauthentic.

Your developed feminine is at the heart of living a passionate, free and more balanced life!

Awaken your passion l Heal your past l Transform your present


  • 1:1 Energy Healing
  • 1:1 Feminine Embodiment Coaching & Embodied practices
  • Women’s Gatherings / Private Events / Workshops
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