Francesca Secolonovo (She/Her)

Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapist and Wellness Facilitator

Francesca creates spaces that encourage individuals to slow down, to return to a space of presence and to tune back into this body, this place we call home.

Francesca has a deep love for sharing inward focused practices such as Yin yoga, Sound healing, Cacao and Meditation as she believes in the deep profound healing and awareness that comes from these practices. The deeper connection we can become within ourselves the more we can return to, experience and embody this space of wholeness. A place of true inner peace.

Francesca is a certified teacher/ practitioner in Yin Yoga, Tantric Hatha, Sound Healing, Meditation and Cacao.

Francesca’s wellness journey started in 2017 after backpacking around South East Asia for 6 months alone after the passing of someone extremely important in her life.

In those 6 months Francesca began her own healing journey. Reflecting on what was important, what kind of life she wanted to live and how did she want to show up in the world. She realised a lot of those big questions that were coming up could only be answered when certain big feelings were ready to be felt, and to feel meant she had to be present and in that space she realised, that was the gateway to her evolution and freedom.

Francesca aims to inspire while reminding folks the potency of slowing down.


Retreats – Weekly Classes – 1:1 Mentoring Sessions – Workshops & Gatherings – Private/ Corporate Events

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