Giap Sayor (She/Her)

Conscious Kink & Sexuality Guide

Giap was born in Bangkok, Thailand where she grew up between her family village and the city. Her childhood was immersed in local culture, food, and spirituality with Buddhism at the core.

Growing up in Thailand she witnesses first-hand her cultural programming around the role of a woman, safety from the western man and what it meant to be a woman of value by learning how to use her sensuality and sexuality to survive.

After moving to London in 1991, she quickly learnt the cultural difference and ideals of what femininity stood for. Giap has led a path of self-discovery and healing from sexual trauma through various avenues. Having worked in the adult industry as a professional Dominatrix this was her real first embodiment of healing through her sexual traumas. She quickly learnt that this was not in alignment with her core ethics and morals to take advantage of beautiful souls for her own benefits therefore, left the industry seeking something deeper and soul nourishing.

Putting herself on the path towards inner peace, she studied various aspects of human behaviour through psychotherapy, tantra, yoga and spiritual healing which ultimately helped to create her own proven system which she wishes to share with others.

Giap currently hosts talks and workshops where she shares her methodology and helps those who seek a safe space to discover themselves, feel empowered in their sexuality and sensuality through Conscious Kinks.

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