Hana Elrais (She/Her)

Grief & Loss Space holder + Sound Meditation facilitator

Hana is a Sound Meditation facilitator and Grief & Loss Spaceholder. She leverages her 15-year long personal healing journey, Sufism spirituality, ancestral roots, and uses Vibrational Sound Medicine to inform her approach. Hana strives to create safe spaces in which sound is a vehicle to: calm the nervous system, carve out space to just be, reconnect with loved ones and process physical and emotional sensations. As a spaceholder, her niche is overcoming trauma and processing grief through understanding the mind, body, spirit connection.

Hana is currently studying to become an End of Life Caretaker. This led her to creating monthly ceremonies named ”Permission To Grieve”, and seeing clients covering all types of loss, not just death. Creating brave spaces for people to be seen, heard and witnessed in the fullness of their experience of loss. Her approach is based on the assumption that you are the expert of your own grief and her work focuses on guiding you back home to yourself so that you can find meaning in your life in the “after”.

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