Hayley Ray (She/Her)

Nutrition Health Coach

Hayley Ray is a fully certified and qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach credited by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN INHC).

She specialises in women’s health, endometriosis, hormone balancing and weight management through bespoke nutritional plans with a holistic approach in healing naturally, while supporting you to become your most radiant self.

Featured in Happiful Magazine, Glamour, and BBC to name a few, Hayley is passionate in supporting you thrive in all areas of your health, while creating positive and lasting changes to life style habits. She will help you optimise your health and get your skin glowing through tailored nutrition plans, supplementation recommendations, and lifestyle changes that will leave you glowing from the inside-out all while helping you to thrive to be the healthiest version you can be.

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