Head & Hands (She/Her)

Slow Craft School

Head & Hands was founded in 2016 by artist Amanda Wayne.

She lovingly facilitates and curates a diverse programme of workshops to promote the art of slowing down – #SlowDownClub.

Her fascination with the healing remedy of slow crafts and self-care came from her lived experiences with a chronic illness.”Taking charge of my wellbeing by discarding what was no longer serving me, establishing self-care rituals, the healing magic of slow crafts and rearranging my lifestyle a little, helped me finally get back on top of my health after years of being dragged along by it.

“Head & Hands offering is varied and eclectic. It includes tactile crafts like macrame, weaving and natural dyeing, to inner wellness such as herbal salons and nutritional talks, as well as rituals and ceremonies which encourage time for self-care and slowing down.

Amanda also creates bespoke workshops for workplaces, events, and celebrations. She has delivered workshops for Adidas, Moo, British Museum and London Design Festival.

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