Hema Vyas (She/Her)

Psychologist, Speaker & Spiritual Mentor

Meet Hema Vyas, a psychologist, speaker and mentor emerging as ‘the voice’ communicating a new understanding of the energy and wisdom of the heart.

Hema has over 26 years in private practice guiding growth for individuals, groups and organisations. She has worked with clients ranging from creatives to CEOs, helping them connect to their truth and build towards a life of joy, love, mindfulness, and prosperity.

Described as a ‘seer’ in a modern context, Hema has extensive academic study merging the best of Western and Eastern disciplines and is a certified teacher of meditation, Kundalini yoga and Ayurveda. Hema has created and led international group retreat programmes for well over a decade that integrate spa experiences, meditation, yoga and teachings that bring to light the significance and power of the energy of the heart.

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