IO Project (She/Her)

Sound Mediation Practitioner

IO Project was created by DJ Goldierocks, having spent the last decade travelling the world touring as a DJ & broadcaster she was very familiar with the need to seek balance.

Throughout her career, she’s extensively researched & created a set of personal practices & routines that she finds restorative, that bring back a sense of well being & calm contentment in the face of burnout & that grinding feeling of being ‘out of sorts’.

IO Project experiences are full of love, ritual and hippie good vibes but with a bit more contemporary attitude & delivery so they’re accessible & meaningful to a sophisticated, urban, contemporary clientele.Sam is a certified sound therapist (Aka Gong Master flash, vibe doctor, hope dealer… whatever you want to call it, is cool) registered with the complementary medicine association she specialises in facilitating sound mediation sessions combining mantra, breathwork, visualisation techniques & yoga nidra.

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