Isik Tiabar (She/Her)

Breathwork facilitator & Transformational coach

Isik Tlabar is an empowerment coach and breathwork facilitator activating people’s POWER + PURPOSE through intuition, breathwork, dance and sexuality.

Isik began meditating at age 8 and personal development at 14. Always having a curious, courageous, open and loving heart, she has been involved in psychology, creative development, shadow and energy work, alchemy, shamanic practices, sacred sexuality, breath work and conscious dance practices.

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, she studied architecture before dedicating herself to her true business in empowering people to live from their Soul through one-to-one coaching, breathwork, workshops and retreats.

Isik has led breathwork and dance journeys at the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival, How The Light Gets In and Latitude Festival. She is an instructor at MindLabs, the world’s first live mental health platform.

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