Jade Shaw (She/Her)

Astral Projection

Propelled by a powerful OBE she left a 12-year career in the arts to research, spread awareness and offer workshops & retreats. She believes this ancient practice is at the cutting edge of self-development and can radically shift our state of consciousness influencing the way we live our lives.

Jade holds an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology (Middlesex), a foundation in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (Roehampton) and a BA Hons in Dance & Culture (Surrey).

She receives guidance from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is mentored by OBE expert & author Graham Nicholls.

Training includes the Mindfulness Association, International Association of Consciousness and the renowned Monroe Institute. She is a member of the Science & Medical Network and is a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow.


An Out of Body Experience (also known as Astral Projection) is when a facet of our consciousness/awareness appears to project out of our physical body and journeys within in a different level of reality. We can connect with people, places and events outside of space & time for healing, knowledge and guidance.

This ancient practice decreases the fear of death and evokes life insights, the transformation of fears, healing and self-realisation.

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