Jan (Navanath Sriyuksiri) (She/Her)

Sound Alchemy practitioner, Reiki Master and Intuitive healer

Jan is a Sound Alchemy practitioner, Reiki Master and Intuitive healer, working under the name, Jaan Healing.

The word ‘Jaan’ in Hindi means “life”. She is located in Bangkok, Thailand and London, and is also available online.Through her work with sound, Jan aims to facilitate her clients to raise their vibrations and to connect to their higher consciousness. Then through connecting with their spirit they can tap into their vibrational memories, release negative energies and harmonise their energy field.

Jan offers group and 1:1 sound healing journeys, Reiki/intuitive healing sessions with channelled Light Language, card readings and Aura readings.  She assists her clients with bespoke spiritual guidance to ensure a positive way forward, and to help them tackle any issues they may be facing whether it be emotional, mental or physical.

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