Jayna Cavendish (She/Her)

Sound & Movement Healer

I am in love with the communities that are created through my work. Sharing knowledge and creating spaces for people to thrive, connect and be free is my Dharma. I am a strong believer in the power of the mind, our bodies ability to heal, the importance of creativity, soul connection, authenticity and community.

KIND is the umbrella through which I have shared my gifts over the past 6 years. Having grown up in a musical family and trained as a dancer/yogi, I create spaces for KIND ceremonies, sound healings, Yoga and meditation. I am also in a band with my sister called AYA (www.weareaya.com)

My Partner and I have recently moved to Portugal, I am back in the UK often for 1-1’s, bespoke group ceremonies, retreats and open sound healing/Yoga days.

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