Jenni Whale (She/Her)

Mind and Wellbeing Coach and Breathwork Teacher

Jenni is a Mind and Wellbeing coach with an ACCP transformational coach qualification and an accredited breathwork teacher.

Having suffered health and digestive issues herself for many years as well as experiencing chronic stress and fatigue, Jenni has seen first-hand how stress can negatively impact our lives. This led her to discover the power of coaching, breathwork and mindfulness.Jenni mixes neuroscience and mindfulness techniques to help guide, support and empower you through your journey.

Through asking a series of illuminating questions, she unlocks new ways of thinking and taps into undiscovered insights which are used to create strong actions to help you move forward. As a transformation coach she has the knowledge, expertise and tools to help you to create new neurological pathways.

Jenni has a nutrition qualification; is a member of the Association for Coaching and is fully insured.

“Life coaching with Jenni has completely transformed my way of thinking. Jenni has such a positive and friendly energy. The environment created was always a safe space that allowed me to open up about things I was not able to usually share. I left these sessions feeling empowered and in control of my life. Through this experience with Jenni, I clarified areas of focus for my career, found what inspired me and learnt life skills to undo bad habits which I have been able to apply in practice. I couldn’t recommend Jenni more. It was a truly motivational experience.” Alice

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