Jessica Francis (She/Her)

Artist, Energy Healer & Sacred Massage

My craft is that of guiding people inwards, to their core centre, to reconnect with the primordial essence of their true divinity. With the divine assistance of the ascended ones and the natural elements of the earth, I hold sacred space through dream-working, Reiki and Crystal Healing and Access BarsĀ® as well as, Indian Head Massage and Womb Massage.

Weaving sound, art, movement, and laughter through each of these ancient practices, there is a focus on clearance, restoration and transmutation; guiding clients to harness their life-force energy, to alchemise pain and suffering for greater living and empowerment. I combine these modalities with an integrative practice of mentoring and guidance, working intimately with each individual, supporting people to seebeyond the stories and to cultivate inner peace, truth and personal fulfilment.

I am grateful to share the magic that underlies this world with you all.

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