Jessie Mallock (She/Her)

Shaman & Medicine Woman

Jessie Mallock is a Shaman, Medicine Woman, Energy Healer, Body Worker and Artist.

She follows the beautiful tradition from the Q’ero Shaman in Peru and is taught by Chris Waters of Spirit of the Inca, where she is an apprentice on the teaching team.

Jessie believes in empowering people and see’s herself as a guide and mentor taking people on an inward journey exploring inside themselves. Oftentimes traveling to places that have been out of access, the parts we hide from others and ourselves. Letting go of wounds in these places is where we also find gold, liberating us from the past and setting us free.

She has many different tools from energy healing, illumination and soul retrieval’s, Kuya Limpia a stone massage, Fire ceremonies, Despachos – a prayer of gratefulness, Munay Ki – 9 energetic transmission rites, a love virus and TRE (tension & stress releasing exercises) a shaking meditation.

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