Jo Miller (She/Her)

Trauma Somatic Healing

Embodied Awakening through Trauma Somatic Healing.

Jo is excited about human potential and the embodied awakening that can be nurtured beyond trauma.She is trusted for the profoundly safe space she holds for individuals on a one to one basis helping them work through unresolved trauma, conditioned thinking and intimacy barriers on what she calls the path of embodied awakening.

Jo is on her own path of grounded spirituality through embodied awakening and she continues to take extensive experiential personal work to support her own way of being. She brings fierce heart and her embodied middle years wisdom to others on this path.She weaves her extensive training in Trauma, Somatic Healing, Sound and Embodiment into her offers.

She is also an artist living in Margate but works remotely on a one to one basis via zoom as well as offering workshops and retreats.

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