Josephine McGrail (She/Her)

Josephine McGrail (She/Her)

When you’re called to me it is your heart drawing you in: the energy I work with is centered in the heart and ALL else flows from and through there.

Whether I use yoga asanas, breathe work, guided visualisations, ancient rituals or simply just take you for a walk in nature you will be bathed in LOVE. And as your heart gently starts to (re)awaken to this heightened vibration you will start to gain balance, restore vitality health and personal POWER.

This is how the universe works: there can be no other way. This is simply science.

If you’re ready to BRING BACK YOUR RADIANT, VIBRANT ELECTRIC SELF you will know as your reading these lines…. because as you do saw the “healing” (meaning restoring balance & raising your vibration) has ALREADY begun!

Now you know what to do. Go do it!

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