Jules Devitto (She/Her)

Transformative Coaching & Holistic Therapy

Jules is passionate about supporting people through periods of ‘crisis’ – which may have been triggered by life transitions, burnout or an inner calling to change one’s whole way of being. With the right support, a time of crisis can lead to a significant spiritual and psychological transformation of the whole self. Jules guides people on their journey, helping them to connect with the meaning and purpose behind their experiences, so they can take manageable steps to live a life in alignment with their authentic self.

She offers holistic therapies which are supportive to her coaching and includes sound healing and Usui Reiki. She studied the ancient technique of Tibetan Singing Bowls from a third-generation Master whilst in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2014 and she was attuned to the energy healing system of Reiki in 2011 whilst in India. In 2014 she retrained to Master and Teacher level in Usui Rhoyo Reiki with her teacher in Shanghai.

She teaches reiki courses and has carried out extensive research on the self-healing and transformation that takes place within reiki practitioners.

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