Kasia Gwilliam

Sacred Medicine Practitioner

Kasia is a dedicated practitioner and student of sacred medicine, spirit and the human condition, weaving her interests and gifts relating to matters of the spiritual and the tangible in order to provide impactful and healing sessions.

Kasia has worked with and learned from a number of Shamans in the sacred ways of the medicine woman, having been an apprentice of Cacao pioneer and activist Rebekah Shaman, her coach, mentor and fellow medicine woman Lynette Allen in Bali and her beloved Sound of Light Shaman’s in the forests of Costa Rica.

With over 6 years’ experience working with Tarot, plant medicine, psychology and psychotherapy Kasia blends her skills in order to provide a thorough and heartfelt experience, rooted in humanistic principals. You are always at the heart of every experience. She is also a qualified vinyasa yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner and dedicated to her spiritual path.

Cacao and Connection with Kasia Gwilliam, Stay Wild

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