Keri Perkins (She/Her)

Founder of We Are Boogie Sound & Yogi

Keri Perkins founder of We Are Boogie Sound, which uses the power of Yoga, Music and Vibration for positive mind, emotional and physical wellbeing, is a 500 hours certified yoga teacher.

She teaches Jivamukti yoga and Yogasana. Keri is also reiki 2 qualified. Prior to focusing on yoga, Keri worked in PR and Communications for big brands. Through a chance meeting with an old friend in the Austrian Alps, Keri was introduced to Jivamukti Yoga. After promising her friend she would give yoga a try, Keri discovered all those years ago in her very first class, that she was only focussing on what she was doing in that moment and her breath.

Keri’s personal journey of yoga practice has helped her with the stresses of a hectic job travelling all over the world, as well as suffering from the anxiety of giving presentations, which she admits she became an expert at dodging.

Her passion for asana (postures) and meditation combined with music particularly drew her to Jivamukti yoga, where nada (the yoga of sound) is an important tenant of the practice. Keri strongly believes as we are all essentially sound vibrations that by listening to music and vibrations during the yoga practice, whether electronic, classical, hip hop or a resounding OM, helps destress and better connect us to ourselves, our surroundings and ultimately each other.

Specialised workplace yoga, and wellbeing strategy

As well as teaching in yoga studios and private classes, Keri works with music talent to help wellbeing, the physical demands of performing and the stresses of working in the music industry. Of course, the methods can apply to any industry and she works with businesses on strategies for better wellbeing in and out of the workplace. What is most important to Keri is that her teaching is inclusive and fun.

Talks and panels

Keri has most recently talked at Tate Late, Media Trust and at the House as Commons as part of the Inspiration You initiative for rising stars, giving practical sessions and discussing the benefits of focused breathwork and music for performance anxiety and stress.

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