Kikz Katika (She/Her)


Science has shown us that there are similar neurological activities that occur when we experience emotional or physical pain.  When we experience physical pain or injury, we cater to the wounds but when we experience emotional pain, most of us neglect it because it is not something tangible that we can see.

A cycle of trauma enveloped me from a young age until I was 16 years wise. Within these years, I experienced sexual and physical assault at the hands of ‘trusted’ adults.

Once my body escaped, I found that it was not so easy to unshackle my mind. In October 2016, I chose to rise from my ashes.

A voice that I now know to be my Highest Self, the Most High, God, Allah, Source, however you choose to label the initial creative spark of and within all, reminded me of this.

I stopped solely relying on time to fix what I felt was robbed from me, and started engaging in practises that could help me heal those wounds. At first everything felt like a chore but as I kept feeling into my Being, I found something.

As I began to engage with this truth, I found that I surrendered deeper into my healing and my lungs began to calmly fill with the breath that I once choked down.

The winding path to peace took some time but in that journey, an ancient wisdom awakened within me and Breadthwork was born. As I shared my truth and the Universal truth with others, I saw how much it served them. I realised, my light mattered.

Now that I have experienced my light and dark, I am grateful to be an integrated being. I know that I needed to feel both sides, in order to step into my becoming and to be able to use my voice & energy to facilitate beautiful spirits like yourself.

I am here to help you remember that you are not confined to your Earthly origin story. You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are pure awareness looking through the lenses of these spaces. Breathe.

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