Leila Sadeghee (She/Her)

Healer, ritualist, yoga & meditation teacher and priestess

Leila Sadeghee is a healer, ritualist, yoga & meditation teacher, and priestess.

Skilled at creating powerful healing spaces wherever her voice is heard, Leila is known for her loving, supportive, and intelligent tone, and her talent in bringing the depth of esoteric spiritual teachings into immediately accessible and salient focus.

Leila is dedicated to dismantling systemic oppression as a spiritual practice. She is a keeper of the Magdalene flame. She is a devotee of the divine mother in all Their forms, and she is a pilgrimage enthusiast for whom walking on sacred ground brings ecstatic satisfaction.

She also is quite the instigator of community, is relentless in her service and studentship, has a freewheeling sense of fun. Based in the UK, Leila leads ritual healing events, one to one immersions in spiritual practices, yoga teacher training, mystery school, and magical retreats online and around the world.

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