Leticia Armengod

Bioneuroemotion consultant and master Energy Healer

Leticia met her life purpose years ago and decided to walk the walk towards meeting her dreams. On her late twenties she was going through a deep existential crisis, finding herself in a great job she was unhappy with, a life path she did not want and life goals she has not chosen. After trying to fit and be “someone” she gave them up and started a deep self-knowledge path. 10 years ago, she met Q’eros teachings and cosmology (Q’eros are ancient wisdom keepers from the Andes and the Amazon) and started following their practices and meditations, performing fire ceremonies, and choosing her role as an Earth Keeper.

By this time, she acknowledged her desire to be a healer, so she decided to deepen, healing herself first and then work with others. She developed many skills along her path: she became a Reiki Master, a yoga instructor, a sound and energy healer and lately, a Bioneuroemotion consultant. During this process she has radically changed her own life, she quit her job and found her home in a forest in UK, she met her soulmate and she has created Munay Therapies, her own practice where she helps young adults to achieve a fulfilled, stable, and joyful life.

“During my sessions with Leti, I gained awareness of my unconscious programmes and finally my body could release not only a physical pain I have been holding for 20 years but also emotional pain, that I could transform into life lessons” Cecilia Chitarroni

Leticia loves being in service and sharing tools and techniques, she finds joy with every person she helps and her purpose is fulfilled each time she meets an empowered human being.

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