Liz Vincent (She/Her)

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Therapy

Liz’s interest in hypnosis and past life regression was awakened over 20 years ago when she became fascinated by the use of hypnosis as a means of helping people to relieve pain and past trauma by accessing their childhood and past life memories.

Researching into many different forms of healing she very quickly realised that healing is so much more than just taking medicine when we feel ill. Healing is all about learning how to cure the mind, body and spirit, and understanding how all these things are interconnected in our life. Consequently, she first trained to be a spiritual healer in 2002 by taking all (1-4 parts) of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers development courses.

Liz then studied Reiki at Hartcliffe College attaining the level of Reiki Master. The next step in her journey was to train to be a teacher of adults which qualifies her to teach in colleges and conduct her own workshops.

Devouring the works of all the important healers, hypnotherapists, past life regression specialists and psychologists she began to realise that as a result of fear we hold pain in our bodies and that by releasing this fear we can also release the pain. Past life regression and ThetaHealing™ are both excellent treatment methods for doing this.

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