Lucia Formis (She/Her)

Psychic intuitive three dimensional healer

Lucia is a psychic intuitive three dimensional healer. She offers multi-dimensional healing and realignment to raise the vibrational frequency for a happier and more blissful life. Her healing sessions works on the soul, emotional and physical levels, bringing these three aspects into balance.

Lucia tunes into your energy and then gives a reading from it. This uncovers blockages that you may have, difficult emotions or unwanted attachments. Once uncovered, Lucia works with them, tuning into each one and together you will work on untangling them, allowing you to break free and move past them. This will allow your energy to then flow naturally, moving past the blockages.

Lucia works on many levels to ensure that all aspects of you are connected, cleansed and re-balanced. This unique process has been evolved since she was a young when she intuitively knew that physical pain is generally an expression of a deeper cause. Whether you are experiencing physical or emotional pain, using this unique process Lucia can release blockages, change your cellular expression and revivify your soul for the ultimate spiritual cleanse. Lucia is an empath, she has the ability to feel what her client in front of her is feeling, as well as the source of where this feeling comes from.

Lucia is supported by a group of ‘Searchers’ – spiritual guides who seek out the ascended masters, angelic beings and shamanic healers that are perfectly aligned with each client. The healing team is assembled based on every client’s uniqueness.

Lucia also offers card readings. She uses a range of cards, from Angelic to Moon cards. The type of deck that is used during a reading will vary and depends on what you need.

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